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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help Me Go To Tampa For The RNC National Convention!

In the time I have taken away from my blog, I have been working for several campaigns and have been a delegate to my Senate District Convention, State Convention, and I made it as an At-Large Alternate Delegate to the National Convention!! This is a HUGE accomplishment! It is also a MAJOR financial commitment. We had the cost of the trip covered until our business had a major deal with a Super PAC fall through. Now, I'm in a bind trying to get the funds together. So, I thought I would start a chip in and pray that we can get most if not all of the trip taken care of. I appreciate ANY help you are willing to give! No amount is too small...it all adds up! Thank you in advance and PLEASE feel free to share my blog page for this chip in with others!! Thank you!!!

For a breakdown of expenses:

Texas Delegation hotel is Saddlebrook Resort $220/nt with a 5 night minimum.

Lodging: $1100

Hotel on the road (2 nights; 1 on the way to and 1 on the way from):$200

Food for 2 for 10 days (driving from Dallas, TX to Tampa, FL and back): $400

Gas 2206 miles round trip plus driving in Tampa 47 miles each day (235 + 2206= 2441 miles)19 miles to the gallon @ $4.00/gal: $471.79

Rental car with insurance, taxes, and fees at 12 days: $1544.28

Total is $3716.07

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