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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help Me Go To Tampa For The RNC National Convention!

In the time I have taken away from my blog, I have been working for several campaigns and have been a delegate to my Senate District Convention, State Convention, and I made it as an At-Large Alternate Delegate to the National Convention!! This is a HUGE accomplishment! It is also a MAJOR financial commitment. We had the cost of the trip covered until our business had a major deal with a Super PAC fall through. Now, I'm in a bind trying to get the funds together. So, I thought I would start a chip in and pray that we can get most if not all of the trip taken care of. I appreciate ANY help you are willing to give! No amount is too small...it all adds up! Thank you in advance and PLEASE feel free to share my blog page for this chip in with others!! Thank you!!!

For a breakdown of expenses:

Texas Delegation hotel is Saddlebrook Resort $220/nt with a 5 night minimum.

Lodging: $1100

Hotel on the road (2 nights; 1 on the way to and 1 on the way from):$200

Food for 2 for 10 days (driving from Dallas, TX to Tampa, FL and back): $400

Gas 2206 miles round trip plus driving in Tampa 47 miles each day (235 + 2206= 2441 miles)19 miles to the gallon @ $4.00/gal: $471.79

Rental car with insurance, taxes, and fees at 12 days: $1544.28

Total is $3716.07

Friday, March 2, 2012

No More Miracles For Me

I started bleeding yesterday.  I've been dreading this moment.  Nothing like going to the bathroom in a public place and finding out you've started bleeding....then having to finish your shopping trip and trying not to cry. I wanted to punch something, cry, scream, ANYTHING, but I didn't.  I just told my husband and walked through the store completely unaware of anything else going on around me.  My heart was shattering for the 16th time and this time I'm not sure it will recover.  I knew better than to get excited, but we had a doc appt and everything was fine on Monday.  I was so happy that we might have had a chance.  When will I learn?  I came home and laid down...slept for a few hours and woke up to heavier bleeding. We went to the ER only to confirm my suspicions, this is actually the end.  I just want to go to bed and never get up.  I just don't care about the world any more.  My heart is broken and my baby is gone.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sometimes Miracles DO Happen...

Well, we've been taking time off from TTC trying to get my hormones back in order after having a new doc really mess them up.  I went from 32 day cycles to 16 day cycles for 4 cycles.  This cycle I got back on the right dose of progesterone and my cycle decided to straighten out.  I ran out of progesterone at 9 DPO.  I was pretty sure this was going to totally screw my cycle over.  So here I sit at 14 DPO and no AF.  Nope...she hasn't showed her ugly face and guess what?  SHE'S NOT GOING TO!!  We're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!  We got the surprise this morning.  I sat there shaking as I saw the line develop.  It was very faint, but dark enough to see and to tell it was absolutely pink!  HOLY COW!!!  How did that happen??  We weren't even trying this time!!  I mean obviously we weren't preventing, but we were definitely not trying like we have been either.  I'm so scared right now.  I'm afraid to get real excited or anything...especially since I'm not on progesterone right now.  I am, however, going to pick that up tonight.  WHOA...what a day!!  I'm praying that this rainbow will be my sticky baby.  I honestly don't know if I can handle another miscarriage, but I am SO READY for this baby.  Please keep me in your prayers and be praying this is the stickiest baby EVER!!!  I'm 4 weeks on the nose today!!!  WOOT!  I'll keep you posted as things progress.  Oh and my due date is supposed to be Halloween!!  LOL

In the mean time, I am now the State Coordinator for the Glenn Addison U.S. Senate Campaign.  If you are from Texas, I encourage you to check him out.  He is a strict Constitutionalist!!  Glenn Addison for U.S. Senate

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Award!

Here are the rules:                                                                      
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. List 7 things people may not know about you
  3. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers and don't forget to notify them     

I'm extending a "Thank You!" To Nicole from her blog Happily Ever After.  Please check out her blog!  I met Nicole through BabyCenter.  She has been going through some fertility issues and has had a pretty rough go of it.  She has Endometriosis and had to have surgery to have it removed.  She is currently back to TTC, so please, feel free to follow her journey as well!

1.  I have a sister that is 19 months older than me.  She and I grew up extremely close and are still best friends even though we disagree on quite a few things.  My sister has 5 kids, all oops babies...lol  I could only wish to be fertile like that!
Here is a picture of my beautiful sister:

2.  I hate having my picture taken!  I am a camera phobe!  I've been this way since gaining so much weight.  I don't think I'll ever like getting my picture taken ever again!

3.  I LOVE to bake!  I'm a person that could spend all day in kitchen making breads, pastries, and cookies for everyone else to eat.  (Except the cookies!  If I make them, they are MINE!  COOOOOOOKIE!!!  LOL)

4.  I have a calico cat named Callie.  She is super smart and thinks she is human.  I got her from my sister and am very thankful!  She's the best cat I have ever had and I don't know what I would do without her to keep me entertained!  LOL  Here is a pic of Callie:

5.  I also have a pitt bull named Avalanche, but we call her Ava for short.  I rescued her when she was about 4 weeks old from some guys that were being mean to her.  She is so sweet, but right now is living with my mom because I have nowhere to keep her where we currently live.  I'm hoping I can bring her home REALLY soon!  Here is my Ava Lou:

6.  I play the French Horn and have for 27 almost 28 years now.  It is my passion!  I could not live without my horn or music in general.  I also sing, but it pales in comparison to playing my horn!  Here is a pic of me playing my horn quite a few years back. (Like I said I'm a camera phobe!)

7.  I belong to the National Honorary Band Fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi.  It is something I am VERY proud of and hope to stay involved in for the rest of my life.  I was part of the founding line at my college.  Here is a picture of our founding line:

Other Great Blogs I follow:

www.peacebegan.com  This the my friend Brittany's blog.  She has been through a lot, like me.  This blog is her story of  her journey through pregnancy and loss.

http://survivingmiscarriages.blogspot.com  This is my friend Jessica's blog.  She has had 3 losses and is currently pregnant with her son Logan.  This blog is the story of her survival and journey to her take home baby.

http://aidanbabyofmine.blogspot.com  This is Emily's blog.  I don't know Emily other than through her blog.  I've been following it for a while, now.  The story is heart breaking and joyful at points, too.  It's most definitely worth the read!!

http://buchananmama.blogspot.com  This is one of my dearest friends' blog.  Beth and I met almost 2 years ago on BabyCenter and have been close friends ever since.  This is a blog about life in general with 2 babies, at home. (Well, one toddler and a baby.)

http://dearbabycook.blogspot.com  This is my friend Kristin's blog.  This is her story through pregnancy, loss, grief, and her journey back to finding joy and happiness once again.  Kristin started the Faces of Loss Faces of Hope website that I talk about so often.  She is an amazing woman!  I met Kristin through a fellow BLM and must say she has a very inspiring story!  This is also a must read!!