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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sometimes Miracles DO Happen...

Well, we've been taking time off from TTC trying to get my hormones back in order after having a new doc really mess them up.  I went from 32 day cycles to 16 day cycles for 4 cycles.  This cycle I got back on the right dose of progesterone and my cycle decided to straighten out.  I ran out of progesterone at 9 DPO.  I was pretty sure this was going to totally screw my cycle over.  So here I sit at 14 DPO and no AF.  Nope...she hasn't showed her ugly face and guess what?  SHE'S NOT GOING TO!!  We're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!  We got the surprise this morning.  I sat there shaking as I saw the line develop.  It was very faint, but dark enough to see and to tell it was absolutely pink!  HOLY COW!!!  How did that happen??  We weren't even trying this time!!  I mean obviously we weren't preventing, but we were definitely not trying like we have been either.  I'm so scared right now.  I'm afraid to get real excited or anything...especially since I'm not on progesterone right now.  I am, however, going to pick that up tonight.  WHOA...what a day!!  I'm praying that this rainbow will be my sticky baby.  I honestly don't know if I can handle another miscarriage, but I am SO READY for this baby.  Please keep me in your prayers and be praying this is the stickiest baby EVER!!!  I'm 4 weeks on the nose today!!!  WOOT!  I'll keep you posted as things progress.  Oh and my due date is supposed to be Halloween!!  LOL

In the mean time, I am now the State Coordinator for the Glenn Addison U.S. Senate Campaign.  If you are from Texas, I encourage you to check him out.  He is a strict Constitutionalist!!  Glenn Addison for U.S. Senate

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  1. congrats!!! I had a Halloweenj baby last year. I'm sending you sticky baby dust. Stick baby stick!!!