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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Infertility & Puppies

How ironic is life?  Here we have struggled for 6 years to get pregnant and carry to term with nothing but a string of 19 losses to show for it.  Just as I lose the last one, my dog gets pregnant.  REALLY??  Why is it that dogs never have fertility issues??  You never see that.  It's all so implicitly simple for them.  Makes you wonder what it is that keeps them fertile while we struggle.  So, now I have to watch my dog go through a pregnancy that will probably require her going through a c-section (she is tiny and the sire is HUGE...this was NOT planned).  Don't get me wrong, everyone loves puppies, but it's just more salt in the wound for me.  BLAH!  Thanks, life, for rubbing it in.


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