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Monday, September 26, 2011


You would think that in the realm of TTC that things would be pretty cut and dry, right?  Temp spike is ovulation, +OPK means you are about to ovulate, etc...right?  Not so much apparently.  Here I am on CD19 unsure if I am 9DPO or 1DPO..haha  If you go by my temps you will see what looks to be a pretty clear ovulation pattern after a +OPK on CD10.  BUT on CD17, my normal window for O'ing, I got a blaring +OPK with cramps only on the left side on CD18.  This sounds like O to me!!  Well, I decided to continue to test it out and although the OPKs are now neg, they are still pretty dark on CD18 and 19.  Some say this is a good indicator of early pregnancy since an OPK can pick up HCG AND LH.  See the two hormones happen to be very much alike with only one small difference.  It's been explained on http://www.peeonastick.com as identical twins with one wearing a hat.  The HPT only looks for that hat, but the OPK looks for the twin and sees it with or without the hat.  (LOVE the analogy, used there!)  Anyway, so I did take an HPT on CD17 or 7DPO if you go by temps and it was OBVIOUSLY negative.  So I figure I will test again on CD24 or 14DPO by temps and if it's negative like I think it will be, I will test again at CD32 or 14DPO if you go by symptoms.  Why can't things just be more black and white?  It would be so much easier if we had lights that showed ovulation and pregnancy as soon as they occurred!  Anyone seen the movie Wall-E?  Yeah, I wanna be like Eva and have a light turn on when life is growing inside me.  How awesome would that be.  No more guessing if there is a line or not.  No more needing blood tests...it just is or isn't.  *SIGH*  I hate being confused in my cycles.  I should never have taken that OPK...haha.  I'll post my chart (click the word chart there) so you can see what I am talking about.  Right now, I have it set to OPK watch mode so it says 1DPO.  If I put it on advanced, it says 9DPO...and so does FAM if I take out the 2nd +OPK.  With it, it has no idea when I O'd or even if I O'd!  TOTAL CONFUSION!  Gotta love it!

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