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Friday, September 9, 2011


If you thought miracles don't happen anymore, you are wrong!  Tonight a fellow BLM had her rainbow.  That in itself is a miracle, but more so because he was given a fatal diagnosis of Miller-Dierkers Syndrome and several heart defects.  He is here, alive, and doing well!  At the last update, he was even nursing!!  SO many prayers have gone up for this little guy.  He is precious and perfect!  We don't know how much time he will have with his family earthside, but every moment he is here is precious and wonderful!  Be praying that little Eli continues to defy the diagnosis and odds to spend a long time here with his family that loves him so much!!  Also be praying for his family to have strength to handle whatever they must go through now.  Thank you!!

Another miracle tonight is that the majority of the fires here in Texas are now contained!!!  Our brave fire fighters have worked so hard and continue to do so to fight these fires that are  raging all over this state.  Remember to thank your local fire fighters and first responders for all they do!  They sacrifice their safety for us on a daily basis.  If you are in Texas, please consider donating food and water to a department in East Texas as most of them are volunteer departments and their resources are being depleted quickly.  They not only need food and water, but gas for their trucks, or money to purchase gas.  Let's give back to these wonderful heroes that give so willingly of themselves for us!  

The last miracle that I'm going to share is a personal one!  AF finally showed up at 3:00 A.M.!!  I don't think I have ever been so happy!  Literally, no sooner had I almost screamed that I wished I knew where AF was, than she showed up!  Someone was listening!!  So, that puts me at CD2 as it is now 2:46 A.M.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!  Don't forget to remember the fallen of September 11, 2001 this Sunday.  Pray for their families and for their co-workers that are still here.  Never Forget!!

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