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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Katchup, Anyone?

30 Days of Thanksgiving:

Day 14:  I am thankful that the suspected return of my milk allergy was not at all a milk allergy!! This means I can eat all my favorites at Thanksgiving dinner!! On the downside, we discovered it is a severe peanut allergy with me going anaphylactic after eating some peanut butter. :( Been a long time since I've had a reaction this bad. I am thankful also that I am married to an EMT and that we had Epi-Pens, Benadryl, and a neb to help combat it!

Day 15:  Today I am thankful for my Glory Babies group! They have helped me so much!! I've only been to 2 meetings and the Children's Park walk and it has helped me!! I hate that other women have gone through what I have, but I'm glad I have them because they understand!

Day 16:  Today I am thankful for advanced medicine. Without it, many women wouldn't be able to have children and many would never know what issues were keeping them from having children and therefore couldn't fix the problem and might remain childless. So I am thankful that there are tests to pinpoint our issues!

Day 17:  Today I am thankful that I am getting to go home for Thanksgiving and be with my family! I don't get to go home much, so each time is special and such a blessing! I can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandmother, Mom, sister, and my nieces and nephew.

Ok, now that I have caught up again, I must apologize for being gone so long!  I have discovered that I have a peanut allergy!  In true Peach form, I found out the hard way.  I was eating some peanut butter for a snack and all the sudden couldn't breathe and felt like I was being choked. OH THE JOY!  So, I have been in a benadryl coma for the past 3 well, almost 4 days and haven't been online more than a few minutes. 

For those of you stalking my chart, no, AF has not arrived.  Don't get too hopeful, though...haha.  I had a BFN on the 13th, one on the 15th, and another tonight.  I think my O date is off.  Who knows.  I will test again Saturday and see what it says.  Sure it will be BFN, but then I will stop my progesterone to start AF.  So, we'll see what happens.

The plan after AF starts is to get some testing done.  I am going to have a CD3 blood draw for FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone...tells how hard your ovaries are working to make you ovulate) and AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone...tells what the ovarian reserve is).  I am also going to be tested for NK cells (Natural Killer cells...they fight off cancer and other foreign substances that might make you sick).  If you have too many of these, they can attack a pregnancy thinking it is a cancer and will cause you to have multiple miscarriages.  There is a treatment for this, though!  It's IVIg therapy!  We've looked into this therapy before, but for my allergies...so in theory we could kill two birds with one stone!  I am also going to have them test me for RH sensitivity, MTHFR, and Endometriosis.  Those are the last few things I can think of that would keep us from having our take home baby.  So, I will try better to keep up and keep you informed!  I hope everyone is having a good week!!  BABY DUST!!!

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