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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playing Ketchup....or Mustard If You Like!

I have gotten a little behind here lately.  I do so apologize!  My allergies have been going insane the past 5 days or so and Benadryl has been a constant which means I have been sleeping A LOT!  So, I will attempt to play Ketchup (HA!) or if you aren't fond of that, I'll play Mustard!  :P

30 Days of Thanksgiving-

Day 9:  Today I am thankful for my church! I am thankful that God led us to Southern Oaks Baptist Church and that I have the opportunity to play my horn there and glorify God with this passion! I am thankful for all of the people we have been blessed to meet from there!! I am thankful for my pastor and his wife who so willingly give of themselves tirelessly to be the leaders our church needs!! I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!

Day 10:  I am thankful for cool weather after this long ultra hot summer we had...but I am also thankful for heat to stay warm in said cool weather! I am also thankful for hot tea, hot chocolate, and warm fuzzy socks! :D

Day 11:  Today I am thankful for all our military men and women!! Thank you for the sacrifices you make everyday to assure that we continue to be a free country! I am also thankful for the military families that sacrifice their time with their loved ones so that they can defend us! Having been a military wife for 10 years, I know how difficult it can be! So, THANK YOU!!

Day 12:   Today I am thankful for milk substitutes. Without them life would be really difficult right now. I'm thankful people think of things like almond milk so that I can still have cereal and a glass of milk with a meal!

Day 13:  Today I am thankful for the ability to go to church! In some countries people don't have the ability to worship as they please. I am thankful that I was born in the United States so that I have this right...even if we still have some issues!

As for TTC-  I think that we are going to take a break from ATTC and see about getting some testing done.  I want to get tested for NK cells, RH sensitivity, and Endometriosis.  I think once I have had those done, we should then maybe get an HSG to rule out any blockages from the previous miscarriages and then start trying again.  So, once AF shows, I think that's what we are going to do.  I'm supposedly 15 DPO today which means AF should be here sometime today, but as usual when you are on a progesterone supplement, I think she is going to be late as there was no sign of her this morning.  I did test, though, and it was a glaringly BFN. On to testing for me!!

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