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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This week is World Breastfeeding Week!!  World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is an annual celebration and awareness campaign highlighting and recognizing the benefits of breastfeeding in communities across the globe. As the greatest outreach vehicle for the breastfeeding movement, WBW aims to bring breastfeeding to the forefront of community agendas so everyone can be part of the dialogue! WBW is entering its 20th year and is officially celebrated from Aug 1st-7th by over 170 countries.  This is so important!!  We need to help people go from seeing breastfeeding as an "uncomfortable" thing in public to seeing it as doing the best thing you can for your baby!  No chemicals, no fillers, no synthetic materials...just all natural milk from mother to baby...this is the way it was meant to be.  This is how our bodies were made.  I do, however, realize there are some people that cannot breastfeed due to medical conditions, medications, or the baby having an allergy to mother's milk, an adoption, etc.  Those things cannot be helped and by all means, the mother's are doing the very best they can to feed their children by giving formula!  I am one that will never do formula, as I have an allergy to one common ingredient in it...Coconut Oil.  I can't be around it, much less touch it!  So, I have no other choice, but to breastfeed...but I wouldn't have it any other way!!  I can't wait until I can hold my baby and nurse him or her.  What a precious bonding moment that will be!  I will cherish every moment of it...if it ever comes!  I did breastfeed all 3 of my living children.  Although not as long as I would have liked with my boys.  Kayleigh, however was a breast baby and didn't want anything but!  I was actually afraid I would never get her to eat baby food or drink juice or water!  HAHA  She wouldn't even take a bottle with pumped breastmilk in it.  She wanted mommy and that was all!  I loved it!  I can't tell you how wonderful that time I spent with her was!  Funny I should end up talking about her, today (Aug 3rd) as it is her 10th birthday.  It's so hard to believe that 10 years ago I gave birth to this precious girl and held her for the first time.  I had waited so long for her!!  There she was, sweet, innocent, and so wide-eyed!!  She had me wrapped around her little finger the instant I heard her cry!  Her brothers fell in love with her, too!  What wonderful memories to look back on!!  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY KAYLEIGH ROO!!!  Mommy loves you!!

8 DPO...hoping this cycle isn't a bust due to a glitch with my progesterone.  My pharmacy is out and so am I!!  No other pharmacy carries the bio-identical progesterone cream in my city.  My doc, however, did give me some pills to take that provide the building blocks for my body to make it's own progesterone (all natural), but it takes longer to get into the system.  I am hoping that this doesn't let my progesterone level fall and cause AF to show up early.  I'm a tad bit on the terrified side right now as testing is only 6 days away at the longest.  I might test early just in case, but I guess only time will tell.  I hope everyone else is having a great day!!!

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