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Monday, August 15, 2011

Praying For Rain

Today we drove out to the lake house for a mini vacay/to help my SIL by watching her daughter Jenna.  The drought where I live is horrible right now....and so is the heat!  The lake is not OK to swim in, now.  There are dead fish everywhere and the lake level is severely low.  There are so many hazards in the water now that we haven't known were there because they were so far under the water.  Well, now, you can see all sorts of things.  It's sad really.  

I am praying that God will send rain to us.  We need it so bad!  Please pray with us for rain...even if you are getting it where you are.  Please send any rain you get this way!!  I took some pictures to show how bad this drought really is here.

This pier used to be in deep water.  Now it doesn't even touch the water and the swim ladder is useless.
This is where we used to swim.  Where I was standing while taking this pic would have been in the water.
 The water here used to go as high as his hips.  He is 6'1", just to give you a little more perspective.  I would have been swimming to take this pic!

These pictures were taken from points that would normally be in the lake, but are now bone dry.  There are dead fish all over the place, too.  I have pictures of those, but chose not to post them here.  So, please, pray for us to get rain!  We really need a torrential downpour.

As for the TTC journey, we are rocking along.  I'm CD 9 and hoping to O sometime between CD14-16.  We'll see if that actually happens, though.  Not too much else going on here.  I hope everyone is having a great week and I'll hopefully, have something better to post tomorrow!

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