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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pitfalls of TTC

Yes, I am writing about some of the pitfalls of TTC, today.  Why, you ask?  Well, during this mornings session of DTD (doing the deed), we ran into one of those pitfalls, so it just seemed appropriate to write about it.  I know sometimes in this journey we can feel so alone or like everything is working against us.  So, I hope this helps everyone know that these things happen to ALL of us at sometime or another.

What to do when you are in your fertile window and sex is just not happening (because of him):  Take a break!  Remember that what is most important isn't the time, but the day.  Try to relax, cuddle up and do something else for a little while and then later get back to trying.  Try to keep an air of romance going throughout your day (as crestfallen, frustrated, or mad as you may be) and make sure he doesn't feel pressure to perform.  Some guys just can't deal with the stress of on demand sex.  Try to keep the mood light and fun and make sure you flirt like crazy with him.  Guys need to know they are loved and not just wanted for the prize inside!  When you get back to trying, try something new and exciting.  Maybe do something for him you have said you never would, or talk dirty to him, or even give HIM the foreplay attention.  Try doing a massage for him or teasing him until he just can't stand not to have you.  I bet your issues will melt away and you'll get your successful BD in on time.  You never know, you might even find something that makes it AMAZING!

What to do when you are in your fertile window and sex is just not happening (because of you):  This isn't very likely, but it does happen.  So when you get upset because your DH seems uninterested and that turns your motor off, try starting on your own and maybe that will pique his interest!  If it's not happening because it's painful or you are dry, try taking some Tylenol before hand, or taking some Evening Primrose Oil or Mucinex to give you better CM.  This might help to keep it from being painful and you from being rather dry.  You can also make sure to super hydrate as well. 

What to do when you've tried everything and nothing is working:  Go to plan B.  Start with a fresh cycle...no additives from your arsenal and spontaneous BD.  Obviously if you have a medical condition, stay on your meds that help that, but otherwise, throw out all the supplements, gimmicks, and tricks, and try to relieve some of the TTC stress.  I know it will always be in the back of your mind, but sometimes the stress can be what's causing issues.  After a cycle of just playing it by ear, I would suggest using only 1 supplement.  Personally, I would start with Vitex.  Take that everyday for the next 3 months unless you happen to get your BFP, and see if you notice a difference.  At that point, you can add some EPO or Mucinex to help with more fertile CM.  After doing that for a few months with the Vitex, add instead cups.  These are cheap, a little messy, but none the less, give you a better chance by holding it all in there a little longer.  STAY AWAY FROM SOY PRODUCTS!  So can cause issues with your thyroid hormones absorbing and doing what they need to do.  IF you already have a thyroid issue, this can really mess up your cycle.  Thyroid issues are a large cause of infertility issues.  I made the mistake of taking soy isoflavones for 3 cycles and the last cycle I did them, I had a bad cycle.  I wish I had known about them causing these issues with thyroid before I took them, but you won't find that in most research.  It took me seeing Dr. Brownstein's Overcoming Thyroid Disorders to find that little tidbit of information.  So, if you are like most Americans, and have a thyroid condition or even suspect you do, DON'T use soy isoflavones!!

There are many other pitfalls that we will cover (I'm sure) some other day, but I wanted to pass those along.  I hope they are helpful and that you find the remedies to work for you!  I look forward to hearing about all your wonderful BFPs!!

CD10 today, and it's go time!  We should be squeezing in every available opportunity to DTD if I am to O on CD14.  I have another day or two if it's CD16.  I'm hoping for the latter...lol  Our EPIC FAIL in the bedroom today was disheartening, but we are trying to put that out of our minds like I explained for others to try, earlier.  Hopefully, sometime today I will get in that all important BD and be able to mark it on my chart.  OH THE JOYS OF TTC!!  HAHA

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