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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blood, Sweat, & Tears

No one ever tells you that getting pregnant is hard. The only message we hear is how easy it is. Ever hear, "It only takes once" or seen all the shows on teen pregnancy? Yeah...not saying it isn't easy for some, but there are others that have tried for years and yet here they are with no baby to show for all their efforts. Sometimes, it's more like blood, sweat, and so many tears. I am one of those. There are days when I wonder why I ever tried to prevent getting pregnant. Haha. It's actually hard work trying all those years and being disappointed time after time. You get your hopes up and do "everything right" and then when you are sure this is it, AF rears her ugly head and you have to start all over. This is where the tears come in. So many of us have cried our eyes out the moment we discover that first spot of blood. It is enough to ruin the best of days. I can honestly say that you haven't REALLY TTC'd until you have sat in a public restroom bawling your eyes out because AF showed. People look at you like you are crazy and wonder why this crazy lady is in hysterics over her period. If they only knew. The sweat part of this cycle is the fun part. At least it is for a little while. Eventually, it ends up being so scheduled, and purposeful, it loses almost all of its fun. I know many couples that have gone through the guy having performance anxiety of sorts or the woman just being as dry as the Sahara that it was impossible to make things happen. All of this just from the stress of trying so hard to get the one thing they desire more than anything....a baby. I've even seen this process tear marriages apart because it was so difficult. Why not try relaxing and NOT trying you say? Yeah, that is so much easier said than done for many of us. Many of us have fertility issues that require constant monitoring or medications that require you know EXACTLY when you ovulate and where you are in your cycle. For these women, yes, me included, there is no relaxing and being oblivious about our cycles. It will never happen for us by "NOT trying" or relaxing. Next time you think about telling a friend, family member, or coworkers to relax and let it happen naturally, bite your tongue because you may not know what they are dealing with. Not to mention that saying that to ANY woman TTC is just plain insensitive! The only thing that will make all the blood sweat and tears worth it is that precious baby in their arms screaming to the world that they have arrived! Some think it all ends with those famous double pink lines, but as too many of us know, that's just the beginning of the journey to get the ultimate prize. Many of us never make it there. So, next time you complain about your kids, remember that some lady out there would give to have the chance to go through your worst day with your kids with one of her very own.

Please, go check out this site and read some of the stories. Mine is also there.

CD15...thinking I may have O'd today!

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