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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Have you ever had something that you wanted to get here in a hurry because you were excited?  Do you remember how slow time seemed to crawl?  Isn't it crazy that time can move so slow when we want it to go fast and so fast when we want it to go slow?  Someday, someone needs to invent a time machine or at least a fast forward button so we can get to the points we want to get to, and maybe a pause button or slow motion button so we can stay in the times that we want to last longer.  Wouldn't that be great?  What brought this on, you ask?  You guessed it, the dreaded 2WW!  I feel like all I do is wait.  I wait to O, then it's here and gone in 24 hours, then I wait for AF or a BFP.  Then I wait for AF to stop or for my BFP to stick around longer than 6 weeks.  So wouldn't it be nice if I could just fast forward to O, slow motion through O, fast forward through the 2WW and then test and if it's positive, slow motion for a couple of days just to enjoy the fact that I got a BFP before moving on to the dread that it might go away, or fast forward through AF if it's a BFN.  Although this sounds nice, there are so many things that we would miss out on.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Ever heard the phrase, "Stop and smell the roses"?  Yeah, this phrase basically means to take your time and enjoy what's happening around you.  Enjoy the thrill of waiting, the butterflies that go crazy in your tummy right before you test.  Enjoy the feelings of your relationship with your spouse...the feelings of being in love and flirting with each other.  Enjoy trying to find ways to sneak off with each other and have "alone time".  When do we ever really stop and try to remember these feelings when we are TTC?  We pretty much don't.  It's all about the schedule your body dictates to you.  TTC takes precedence over all of those things, but maybe it shouldn't.  I'm not saying don't try.  I'm saying when you know you have to DTD on certain days, add some ROMANCE!  Oh wait...did you forget what that was?  Watch a movie in the dark...cuddle up with your spouse...hold hands, kiss, make out...feel what it's like to be back in the honeymoon phase...remember how much you wanted your spouse to touch you, hold you, kiss you....bring THAT back to TTC.  If for nothing else, it will make it more enjoyable and less like a crazy, mad, pressure-filled schedule that you MUST adhere to!  I must say that DH and I have kind of done this, this time around.  We've had some AMAZING moments and are playing, smiling, and teasing.  It's great to find that place again and discover your PASSION again.  That's right, I said PASSION!!!  Try it and see...maybe that will make the T-I-M-E pass more easily for you...I know it's helping for me!  Now, instead of waiting for test day to come, I'm waiting for DH to get off work and come home so I can spend time with him, just loving on him!  Have I mentioned I LOVE my husband?  I am truly blessed!!!!!

5 DPO....and who cares how long until testing...at least for now!  LOL

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  1. Im glad your getting some of that passion...I need that sometimes but right now it just seems hard. Brian's not really a passionate person unless he is into DTD and I want some romance occasionally. I guess its something Im used to but it would be nice every once in awhile.