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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 Ever feel like all you do while TTC is wait?  Yeah, that's about where I am right now.  I'm waiting to start using my OPKs and to start baby dancing every other day.  Then when I get to that point it will be waiting to ovulate and baby dance every day until confirmed O.  Then, it will be the horrible two week wait to see if maybe we caught the egg.  If not, then it will be waiting on Aunt Flo to show and start all over again.  If we did, then it will be waiting for 36 weeks to see that precious bundle of joy.  WAIT WAIT WAIT...that's all this process is.  You really should be a person that has some serious patience if you are going to TTC.  Do I have patience?  Yeah...not so much!  LOL  Maybe this is how I am supposed to learn patience??  I dunno.  All I know is I want a fast forward button so I can get to my baby and get through all this WAITING!  It's almost as if I am back to being a military wife!  If you don't know their motto it's "Hurry up and wait!"  So how do you pass the time when you're waiting on something important?  I try to stay as busy as I can.  Here's my list of things to do while waiting:

Read a book
Watch a series marathon or movie
Do a yoga workout
Do a word find or crossword puzzle
Practice my horn
Hang out with my sister-in-law
Text my BBC gals
Listen and dance to music
Catch up on beauty sleep
Go swimming
Take a walk with my husband
Go to the lake and look at the stars
Talk on the phone with friends and family
Clean house
Paint my fingernails and toenails
Pray for a BFP
Pray for a BFP
PRAY for a BFP  (LOL)

Still waiting....CD8....8-12 days until O

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