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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well, my temp was a fluke and I did not O!!!!  YES!!!  I now have more time to get in BD!  WOOT!  So the picture above is of my OPKs. The first or top one is from CD8, then CD9, the next 2 are CD10 am and pm, and then CD11 and CD12. You'll notice the bottom one is much darker than the rest.  That is todays!  I am hoping that I will get a +OPK on Tuesday!  Then, if that happens, I will be taking my EPO until I get my temp spike!!  I'm getting a little excited!  I don't know why...I have no idea if we'll even catch the egg this time, but for some reason, I have hope.  I'm looking forward to that positive OPK!!

CD 12  3-10 days until possible O

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