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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ok, so after conferring with my girls from BBC, my CD 13 OPK was indeed + and not just close to +.  This was followed by two days of low temps and a temp spike today!!  YAY!!!  I can't wait to see tomorrow's temps!!!  I need tomorrows to be higher than today's and then the next day to be the same or higher!!  Come on crosshairs on Fertility Friend!  I really need those crosshairs.  I'm excited that I possibly O'd on CD 15, though!!  This is earlier than usual for me by a day, but my last cycle I didn't O until CD22 and that was on Soy Isoflavones (natural version of Clomid)!  So, this is a good sign that maybe the Vitex is working!  I will stay on the Vitex for the next 18 months unless I get a BFP before then, and I really hope I do!  So please keep your fingers crossed that I get that REALLY soon and it's SUPER STICKY!!!

Did any of you check out Faces of Loss?  How did you feel after reading some of the stories?  Were you aware how often losses occur?  I encourage you, if you've ever experienced a loss, to submit your story!  You never know who it might help!!

CD16....possibly 1 DPO!!!!!

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