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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Natural Remedies

I was looking online for nautral remedies for sinus infections, as I have another one.  I ran across some one telling a person that posted to use Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, and hot water.  Really?  Ok, so I am desperate for something!  No antibiotics work on me anymore and my other options of Silva Solution Pro 50, Oreganol, and Olive Leaf Extract have not completely gotten rid of this.  So, I decided to give it a try...I mean how bad could it be?  Well, I can tell you it works!  It tastes horrible if you just do the ACV and honey, but if you make the "Apple Tea" it's not that bad.  So, I thought I would share the recipe with you all.  This is completely safe to take while TTC.  While pregnant, it is suggested that you use agave syrup or stevia instead of honey.

Apple Tea Remedy

2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (organic)
1 Tbsp Local Raw Honey (or substitute stevia or agave syrup)
8 oz. boiling water.

Mix ingredients well and breathe the steam from the cup in until it's cool enough to drink.  Then drink the tea 3x's a day until all symptoms are gone.

Maybe this will help some of you!  I know I've been doing this since last night and I already feel TONS better.  It immediately opened up my nasal passages so I could breathe and this morning it helped clear my chest.  If you are really stopped up you can do a half and half mixture of ACV and boiling water in a bowl and put a towel over your head and the bowl and breathe the steam.  That should help quite a bit.  I love natural remedies!!  No need for the doctor to shove chemicals down my throat and no need to deal with side effects from those meds!  I also found, in my quest for natural medicines, an OTC version of Armour Thyroid.  It's put out by Nutri-Meds and is desiccated porcine thyroid.  It's cheaper and I don't have to go to my doc to get a prescription for it!!  I can't wait to get mine in!  I ordered it last night.  If you are interested, here is the link (no I do not work for this company and am not getting paid for this plug): http://www.nutri-meds.com/thyroid_supplements_s/33.htm  They also have adrenal gland and natural progesterone in small doses.  This site is a great place to look if you can't get your doc to listen to what you believe is wrong with you.  They have questionaires that will help you find out what might be the problem.  Because I am not a doctor, I will put in the disclaimer of , "Please consult a doctor or naturopathic doctor before using any OTC herbal or natural remedies"

Ok, so today has been pretty uneventful for me.  I've fought the urge to use even more OPKs.  They are still haunting me and badgering me to use them, but one a day is plenty for now.  I wish I had the will power to not use any until Saturday, but alas, we see that hasn't worked!  So, I will continue to take one a day until they are almost positive and then I will go to twice a day just to make sure I don't miss my surge.  I talked my husband into getting me some instead cups to use this cycle, too.  Let's hope those help!!  I am noticing a difference in my CM (cervical mucous).  It is a cross between sticky (like rubber cement) and EW (egg-white).  I wonder if this means I will O sooner than normal?  Not according to my OPKs, but I'm still wondering.  Tonight we will start the BD(baby dancing) EOD (every other day) until I get my positive OPK.  I know, my husband is one lucky man, huh?  LOL  Once I get my positive OPK, we will start BD ED.  I'm excited to get to my fertile window so I can take my EPO (evening primrose oil), too!  Sorry for the boring post today, but maybe you're still laughing at yesterday's post!

CD10...6-10 days until probable O.

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